See what some of our customers have to say about our oboe reeds:

"I just wanted you to know that I am actually using your reeds for Les Miz ... I have NO time to make any and they are rescuing me! Your reeds are much more like the sort I make than anyone else's, so they fit me quite well. I've ordered from SO many places you wouldn't believe it (and spent more money than any oboist/teacher should spend). Truly, Tanya, I'm mightily impressed! I feel as if I've finally found someone who knows the sort of reed I play on. You do a stellar job on them!"

Patricia Mitchell – Principal Oboe, San Jose Opera, UC Santa Cruz Faculty

"My son loves your oboe reeds. I had been fed up with the long wait times and less than responsive service from the other place we were getting reeds so I started looking for a new reed maker. He tried your oboe reeds and now he doesn't want them from any one else. He sounds better than he ever has. Thank you for such a great product."

Brian Calhoun - Simpsonville, SC

"Your oboe reeds are just what I was looking for. Beautiful dark, rich sound and great responsiveness. I'm a lifelong customer! Thank you!!"

Lilly MacIntire - Phoenix, AZ

"Love your reeds."

Hal Rosenberg - Glendale Community Orchestra